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Here are some extras you can add to your trip.

Livingstone - Victoria Falls

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A three days extension to add to the 11 days Ultimate River Expedition.

Enjoy the falls and Activities of the well-known Victoria Falls, Including air charter, White Water Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Helicopter flips and all type of active sports you can imagine…

Some optional activities:

Bungee Jumping – best done off the Victoria Falls bridge (one of the highest  and most spectacular in the world), the plunge will see you heading straight down towards the raging Zambezi River.

Abseiling, Gorge Swing or Zip Line – A little downstream from the falls suspended across the deep Batoka Gorge is a range of fun activities to thrill all the senses! Go by yourself or with a friend in the tandem option.

White Water Rafting – The Zambezi River below the Falls offer a world class rafting experience as your guide steers your boat skilfully over 23 raging rapids. Or you can try surfing them on a river board.  Kayaking in tandem or on your own is also available.

Scenic Helicopter Flights – your flight over the area will allow you to spot game from above and marvel at the incredible Victoria Falls. The zig zag swathe that the Falls have cut into the land over millions of years is astounding to see from this height.

Microlight Flights – if you’re keen for the wind in your hair and an exhilarating ride, a flight over the Falls in a microlight is unmatched.

Quad and Mountain Biking – There are a number of tracks for you to enjoy as you take to the cliffs along the gorge.

Jet boats – thunder along the Zambezi River in one of the high-powered jet-boats and experience a fast-paced thrill along on the water’s edge.

Devil’s Pool – enclosed by rocks, This natural Pool is accessed by walking along the edge of the lip of the Falls in the dryer season.  It is enclosed by rocks which keep you from falling over the 100 meter drop, but makes for excellent photographs


Rent a PPG Equipment


If you do not want to bring your own PPG equipment,  we have 3 powerful Engines for rent – Backbone Light  PPG with 100 CC and 125 CC Ros Engines, very light and adapted to pilots from 55 kg to +120Kg. We can also provide 2 ITV gliders. A tandem PPG with its ITV glider can also be rented.