Zambia: Ultimate African River Experience

Expedition Details

Zambia hosts one of the most amazing rivers of Africa, the Luangwa.

The Luangwa river, Zambezi’s main affluent, digs an amazing Valley, an extension of the Great East African Rift Valley, is the honey-pot of Zambia. An impressive concentration of both hippos and crocodiles makes the Luangwa River one of the most densely populated in Africa. The expedition takes you for a 600 Km wild Africa journey, in the real adventure of an unique amazing canoe expedition. We will probably see no human beings during the course of the trip on the wild Luangwa river and we will be completely isolated, this will create a very special relationship with the bush and the wildlife. We will fly where nobody else did it before. Our paramotors will bring us the most amazing perspective you can imagine.

The  “Dr. Livingstone feeling” is the essence of the trip! Be ready for it as it is NOT a comfortable expedition but is really worth it!

About Bush Flying

NKP Expeditions take you to remote African regions where very few travellers and pilots have ever been.

We adjust our routes on the fly, to take the best advantage of weather and conditions, which can change from day to day.

We are always ready to alter the plans, to take the best advantage of wildlife sightings and other one-of-a-kind opportunities.

Trip Highlights

  • Canoe over 600Km silently on one of the wildest African rivers.
  • Explore the Luangwa River with a unique “air and water” safari, with canoes and paramotors, and deal with the amazing wildlife density.
  • Live the ultimate bush camping experience camping on sand banks in the riverbed with hippos and crocs and elephants as neighbours.
  • Feel Africa the same way Great Explorers did!

Itinerary – 11 Days

Day 1 — Arrival Lusaka – Mfue

Arrival at Lusaka Intl. Airport and Air transfer to the selected Lodge in Mfue. We will reach the shore of the magnificent Luangwa River where we will start to get prepared for the expedition (set up the paramotors, preparing for your first Zambia flight). First briefing will be given while enjoying a nice dinner together.

Day 2 — Chipembele Camp – Luangwa

We will drive to Chipembele a very special place where we will start our trip. The team is waiting for us, with the canoes, and rafts ready. After lunch, we will start the journey from there, for a 10 days expedition in the wild Luangwa river. Depending on the water conditions, we will use Rafts or Canoes. First day is more a practice day, to handle the equipment and feel comfortable with the canoe/raft. We will do wild camping on sandbanks, with hippos and crocs as neighbours. With our paramotors ready, we will try to make the first evening flight.

Day 3 to 5 — Munya Camp 

First morning flight. We will take off from sandbanks to explore the surrounds of the river. Luangwa is known to host 500 hippos per kilometre, and a lot of crocodiles; lions and elephants are also around, so we will witness an unbelievable spectacle all along the river journey. We will canoe the river between 40 to 60 km per day and reach Munya on the 3rd. day where we will stop in this Luxury safari bush camp. After 3 days out of reach in the bush we will appreciate the comfort of the lodge with good beds and a fantastic dinner! An evening flight, if it is possible…

Day 6 to 10 — Luangwa River 

After the morning flight and breakfast we will leave Munya downstream for 5 days of navigation, flights, rapids, and Africa’s adventure! On the 10th. Day, after 500 km navigating on one of the wildest African river, we will reach the only access by road to the river at the bridge above the Luangwa. And stop the expedition in the Bridge Camp, where we will enjoy proper beds, bathroom and restaurant!

Day 11 — Transfer to airport

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