Become a Paramotor Bush Pilot

How would you like to become a paramotor bush pilot, quickly learning how to fly the easiest of all flying machines and earning your wings in the most exhilarating environment imaginable? No time-consuming course in your own country, no lost weekends. You will go straight to Africa to participate in a very special training course, including a bush expedition, where you will immediately put into practice your new skills, taking to the African skies from the very beginning.

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  • Our “Airstrip”

    Our “Airstrip”

    You will stay here for a week, learning how to fly amongst the giant dunes of the Namib Desert. A gentle sea breeze provides ideal flying conditions during almost the whole day. You will practice handling the gliders first, without an engine, until you are sure that you are in control. There could be no better place to learn…
  • Tandem training before going alone

    Tandem training before going alone

    Once you can control and maneuver the glider on the ground, you take to the sky on a tandem paramotor, along with an experienced instructor, to master the basics of flight, including take-off and landing.

  • Fun and Safety

    Fun and Safety

    You will have a fantastic time learning to fly, whilst being kept safe by your instructor, who will be in radio contact with you at all times.

  • The Big Moment 1

    The Big Moment 1

    The take off is what you must achieve. The take-off is different from any other flying machine, such as light aircraft or microlight.

  • The Big Moment 2

    The Big Moment 2

    Flying and landing is very easy and safe.

  • The Big Moment  3

    The Big Moment 3

    There is a definite art to take-off but you will soon learn it.

  • Comfortable


    Your first morning’s flights, in the heart of Africa, seated in a comfy chair and lasting more than an hour, will bring you an amazing and unique feeling, topping almost everything you ever did before.

  • With your friends

    With your friends

    Why not make get together with your friends and experience something fantastic and unique all together? Be aware that we limit each Training Expedition group to a maximum of 5 clients.

  • Rewards


    Once you have learned to fly, this is what you can do and see during the training expedition. Exciting?