Can you do it ?

If you are fit and active, you can run 20 metres with a 20 Kg. backpack, you can do it. Thierry’s wife is not sporty and with her 1,62m and 55 Kg. she is a pilot.

Is it dangerous?

Invented over 25 years ago, when it is practiced in the right way, flying Paramotor is safe and very easy to pilot.

This is the safest flying discipline, far much more safer than flying small aircrafts, microlights, paraglider,..

The most difficult thing is to take off. Landing and piloting is very easy. You land anyway with the engine off and glide gently until you touch the ground.

When you need a year to learn piloting a Cessna with its complexity, you will be a paramotor pilot  in days!

Need more Info?

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