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Expedition Team

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Thierry Banchet

Expedition Leader

Original from France, Thierry has a passion for the African Continent. For over more than twenty years he has explored the continent out of the beaten tracks looking for the exceptional, and also leading multiple expeditions. In the middle of nineties he discovers the PPG, at his opinion the Ultimate tool to discover the black continent. He’s a licensed PPG Instructor (French CAA license). With NKP Expeditions, Thierry likes to share with pilots around the world his experiences of a lifetime flying in the African regions, and also likes organising tailored expeditions for TV programs. As a Photographer, he has contributed to national and international publications. He has PPL and micro light aircraft licenses, is a scuba diving instructor and practices others disciplines like Enduro bike. Thierry speaks English, Spanish and French. He now lives in South Africa in a Big Five Game Reserve.

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Tim Leach pic

Timothy Leach 

Founder of ECOTZ, owner of Ngare Sero Lodges and Adventurer 

Timothy is a windsurfer, paraglider and hang glider pilot who started paragliding in 1993 and hang gliding in 2008 in Tanzania, and has since been exploring northern Tanzania for flying sites and suitable seasons. Tim was born and raised in Tanzania and has since opened the Lake Natron Camp, the Kichanja Camp as well as hang gliding and paragliding safaris and the North Kilimanjaro gliding Camp. He also runs Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge since 2001. Ngare Sero Lodge conservancy is dedicated to eco tourism and promotes carbon negative tourism in Tanzania. He is the founder of ECOTZ (Eco Friendly Tanzania).