Namibia The Best of Wild Flying

Expedition Details

A 16 day expedition covering the Namib Desert and the regions of Damaraland and Kaokoland: all the best of Wild flying in one unique expediton!.

One of the oldest and largest deserts, the Namib stretches inland from the Atlantic Ocean, covering large swathes of Namibia and parts of Angola and South Africa. This arid hotspot surprisingly supports a diverse number of plants and animals, some of which are found nowhere else in the world.

The Damaraland is a huge, untamed, ruggedly beautiful region that offers a more adventurous challenge. Here there are prehistoric water courses with open plains and grassland, massive granite koppies and deep gorges. Towards the west, the geography changes dramatically with endless sandy wastes, that incredibly are able to sustain populations of desert-adapted elephant, black rhino, giraffe, ostrich and springbok.

One of the last remaining untamed wilderness areas in Africa, Kaokoland, in the north-western corner of Namibia boasts an unspoilt harsh magnificence. This rough country belongs to its original inhabitants the Himba. These enduring people follow the same way of life as they have done for centuries living amongst the jagged mountains, boulder-strewn slopes, deep river valleys and semi-desert plains.

Trip Highlights

  • Explore the secrets of the Namib Desert, Damaraland and Kaokoland out of beaten tracks, in an unique way
  • Experience the ultimate African flying every day with professional adventurers
  • Fly over the world’s highest sand dunes
  • Follow the tracks and fly over the desert elephants, huge herds of giraffes, oryx
  • Fly over the amazing Kunene river and explore its secret jewel waterfalls
  • Experience wild camping safely with top notch logistics and staff, hearing wild lions roaring at night!
  • Meet the Himba people and interract with our amazing flying machines

About Bush Flying

NKP Expeditions take you to remote African regions where very few travellers and pilots have ever been.

We adjust our routes on the fly, to take the best advantage of weather and conditions, which can change from day to day.

We are always ready to alter the plans, to take the best advantage of wildlife sightings and other one-of-a-kind opportunities.

 Itinerary – 16  Days

Day 1 — Windhoek

Arrival at Windhoek Intl Airport. Our staff will be waiting for you. Transfer to the Arebush Lodge. We will prepare and do all paramotors settings here.  Briefing, dinner and a rest after your long flight!

Day 2 —Windhoek – Damaraland

We leave at 8:00 am. We start to move north. If the winds are ok, we will do an evening flight to try all the equipment.

Day 3 —Damaraland

First morning flight in the Damaraland. We leave 11 am heading north, after breakfast – 100Km. We leave the gravel road for hard off road, there are chances to see elephants and rhinos. We will stop in an incredible place, at a  sharp peak. We will fly over the incredible rocky formations if the winds allows us. Camp will be set up in the wild.

Day 4 — Damaraland

After a fantastic morning flight, we leave 11 am and head north west. Will stay by the dry river, there is a lot of wildlife here, lions, rhinos, elephants around to be spotted if we are lucky. Camp and afternoon flight if the winds are with us.

Day 5 — Damaraland

After a morning flight, we leave around 11 am. – 100km off road. Here you can find sometimes mist in the morning, that will allow us for overcast flight, an incredible experience. Elephants roam around often, in the beautiful landscapes.

Day 6  Palmwag – Damaraland

Ccrossing the beautiful landscapes that makes a natural border with the remote Damaraland. Very few vehicles are encountered around. We will reach Palmwag concession and go to the Lodge in the afternoon. The evening will be free to relax and enjoy the lodge where very often, large elephants are guests as well.

Day 7 — Uniab Valley

After packing all the equipment in the vehicles, we will take the off-road route heading to the Uniab valley, there is  a lot of wildlife roaming around and if we are lucky we can find  the endangered Black rhinos. If the wind drops we will eventually fly before dawn.

Day 8 — Kaokoland

We will take off at 6 am  for the morning flight, sometimes there is fog and this  is a fantastic opportunity for flying overcast. We will leave after breakfast, when the staff have packed all the equipment, and will carry on off road. This valley is home of the elusive Desert Elephants and other numerous species, the sceneries are fantastic, absolute remoteness. Evening flight if possible, while the staff is setting up the camp. Here we can often hear lions roaring in the night. And often there are flash floods in the river beds that take everything away,  including intrepid campers – so we do not pick the place to set up the camp anywhere!

Day 9 — Kaokoland

We will keep flying here, enjoying the endless possibilities of this absolutely amazing place, and afterwards relax and enjoy the wild the rest of the day, waiting for the evening to fly again. We must fill up the water tanks, as this is the only point we can source it for the next 800 Km.

Day 10 — Kaokoland

After our last morning flight and after having a good breakfast, we will continue in the 4×4 for 3 hours of off road driving, to see a completely different landscape. We will then relax, and wait for the camp to be prepared, while we enjoy the views. If the wind gives us the chance, we will do an evening flight.

Day 11 — Kaokoland

If the mist is not reaching us, we will take off for an amazing flight, following the dry river and seeking giraffes that are often seen here, and we can follow and chase the huge herds of Oryx. After breakfast we will then start the journey to another valley, 150km. away and stop for the day.  Conditions and weather permitting we will fly before sunset.

Day 12 — Kaokoland

Morning flight, with a lot of wildlife and the background of flat mountains. After breakfast and packing the camp, we will head to the end of the world…, where Namibia reaches Angola at the Cunene river. We stop here for 2 days as the possibilities to fly here are endless. We will also fly during the evening if possible.

Day 13 — Kaokoland

Flight in the morning, in the Cunene valley, over secret waterfalls, and over the huge dunes of the skeleton coast, there is a lot of wildlife here to be seen. We’ll spend the full day here. If the weather is not to hot, we can trek down the river for a refreshing bath, and trying to spot the huge aggressive crocodiles that live in the river. Flight in the evening if possible.

Day 14 — Kaokoland

Flight in the morning in Cunene. After breakfast and when the camp is packed, we will head to another valley. And stop over for the night. An evening flight is possible, if the wind drops, with a large loop of 50 km exploring the magnificent desert around.

(Optional charter flight possible from there to Windhoek for the ones in a hurry!)

Day 15  — Opowu

A last morning flight. We will cross the region of the Himbas with interesting interactions with theses amazing people. Leaving the camp  for 200km of tought slow off road. Lunch enroute. Overnight in a beautifull lodge, great after some days spent in the bush!

(Optional charter flight possible from there to Windhoek for the ones in a hurry!)

Day 16   Windhoek

A full day of gravel and tar road to reach Windhoek, 800 km away. We will stop at a comfortable place where we will be able to pack the paramotors.

Day 17 — Transfer to airport

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