Kenya: Flying Safari in Masai Land

Expedition Details

The Kenya is one the most amazing destination in Africa. With its extreme diversity of landscapes, from the harshest deserts of the north, to rain forests and +6000 m mountains, Kenya is as well home of an incredible human being diversity, with a patchwork of 70 ethnics groups populating the territory. The Photography Safari country par excellence receives a massive numbers of visitors every year thru the organised tourism industry. All of them are going to the same places, and we will not follow the crowd! Landscape and wildlife are absolutely incredible and if you know how to be out of the beaten tracks, the interactions with the population and the wildlife are unique experiences. NKP has tight relations with Wildlife management and conservation authorities in Kenya, we settled very special allowances from the communities to fly in restricted and complicated areas. And we want to share it with our valuables customers.  We will camp in the bush, fly over an incredible variety of landscape and will spot numbers of big game – under the amazed eyes of the Masaii community who will be always around.

About Bush Flying

NKP Expeditions take you to remote African regions where very few travellers and pilots have ever been.

We adjust our routes on the fly, to take the best advantage of weather and conditions, which can change from day to day.

We are always ready to alter the plans, to take the best advantage of wildlife sightings and other one-of-a-kind opportunities.

Trip Highlights

  • Be one of the privileged to explore the plains of Tsavo East National Park, packed of wildlife.
  • Experience Masai interaction, and deal with their strong personality.
  • Discover from the top the attraction of swamps on the elephants of Amboseli.
  • Fly at sunrise with the Kilimanjaro as a backdrop, over thousands of wild animals.
  • See the amazing colors of the Magadi Soda Lake and fly above the Table mountains of the Rift valley depression.
  • Witness the herds of wildebeest, zebras and buffalos, in the green plains by the Mara River.
  • Live a real African expedition where only Masai and wild animals will be your neighbors.
  • Experience the ultimate expedition in Suguta Valley (optional).

Itinerary – 12 Days

Day 1 — Nairobi

Arrival at Nairobi Intl. Airport; transfer to the Fairview Hotel in town. We will set up the paramotors, preparing for your first Kenyan flight. First briefing will be given, while having a nice dinner together.

Day 2 —Nairobi – Amboseli

We will drive to a very special place, close by Amboseli, where we have special authorizations as NKP is working on a anti-poaching project with Kenyan National Parks. We will stay not far from a Masai community and set up the camp there. There is a lot of Wildlife around, particularly elephants, and also lions are visiting the area. After preparing our flying equipment and having a safety briefing, if winds allows, we will do the first flight one hour before sunset. Terrain is very easy to take off with clean stone/bush-free ground. Altitude is 1500ft/1200m. Nice evening and dinner by the camp, with serious briefing for the next flight.

Day 3 — Amboseli

Flight by 6:00 am for 2 hours, with the Kilimanjaro as backdrop, and an amazing quantity of wildlife, there is lot of green grass and water that make the big animals very happy. The place is technically easy to take off, with lot of space, few obstacles. We will stay in the area and continue to fly here, discovering the endless possibilities of this amazing place. We will relax and enjoy the wild the rest of the day, interacting with the Masai people and their traditional way of life, always amazed to see the Ndege Kidogo – (small aircraft or small bird in Swahili) of the Mzungus (us!). Waiting for the evening to be able to fly again.

Day 4 — Amboseli – Tsavo East

We will take off at 6:00 am for the morning flight, and leave the camp after breakfast, after the staff has packed all the equipment. Heading to Tsavo east to reach a secluded and secret place with in a ¼ millions hectares of private concession not accessible to the public. Here the landscape is very different to the one in Amboseli, with reddish soil, beautiful rocky hills and along the Galana River, the spot is astonishing. We will set up the camp in the reserve, and do an afternoon flight, eventually. Lots of lions to be heard at night.

Day 5 & 6 — Tsavo

We will stay 2 more days in the concession, camping and flying every morning and late afternoon, moving the camp to explore this huge part of Tsavo. Flying above the Galana river is an unforgettable experience. At the end of day 6 we will reach the Tsavo Safari Camp, a fantastic ***** retreat to relax and enjoy having a good dinner and enjoying the fantastic experience. Evening at the lodge with an evening flight if possible.

Day 7 — Tsavo – Nairobi

Last flight in Tsavo, above the Galana, and after a fantastic breakfast at the lodge we will drive to Nairobi and stay overnight in the Osoita Lodge.

Day 8 — Nairobi – Magadi Lake

After breakfast, we will drive to Magadi, a depression in the rift valley with amazing landscapes; this is a soda lake with hard red colors and lot of birds and flamingoes. Temperatures here are very high, and there is an extreme contrast comparing to everything we saw before. Camp in the bush and afternoon flight if weather allows.

Day  — Magadi Lake – Rift Valley

The morning flight here will be unbelievable, over the lake, the shades of red, green and blue colors of the lake and the huge quantities of birdlife make it very special. The area is really flat and easy for take off; Altitude is 500m/1500ft. After breakfast we will move north, off road, entering a hidden valley in the rift where nobody goes! Stunning Table Mountains, and a lot of wildlife around. We will set the camp there and expect the late afternoon flight; out of national parks and there is lot of wildlife here!

Day 10 — Rift Valley – Mara

Morning flight in the valley over the stunning desolated landscape seeking for wildlife, with the Magadi Lake, far away. After breakfast and packing the camp, we will climb the difficult Nguruman Escarpment; pass the Lebtero mountains to reach the Mara region. This gravel road is difficult, and we will need special authorisation to cross over. The landscape changes again and all is green again, with lots of hills and lots of wild animals, the temperature is much cooler as we are now over 6000Ft/2000m altitude. We will camp in a grass plain, with lot of wildebeest, giraffes, and other wildlife you can imagine! If weather permits (lot of sudden thunderstorms in late afternoon) we will fly here. Night at the camp, lots of lions around here; and cooler temperature.

Day 11 —Mara

6:00 am morning flight will not be easy with altitude (over 600ft/2000m) and humidity! That will be the toughest take off of the trip! But motivation often helps pilots! We are in the mythic Masai Mara area and the endless green grassland host a lot of game, so we will stay another night her, eventually moving the camp to follow the animals! An afternoon flight before sunset if possible and this will be the last night in the wild.

Day 12 — Mara – Nairobi 

6:00 am last morning flight before packing the camp and heading back to Nairobi, a full day driving. We will reach the Fairview Hotel for the night.

Day 13 — Transfer to airport

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