• Thierry Banchet

    By Mary on 9th March 2014
    Originally from France, Thierry has a passion for the African Continent. For more than twenty years he has explored the continent’s remotest corners, looking for the exceptional, and leading multiple expeditions. In the mid-nineties he discovered the PPG, proving, in his opinion, to be the ultimate way to discover the dark continent. He’s a licensed PPG Instructor (French CAA license) […]
  • Thierry Simonet

    By Mary on 8th March 2014
    Thierry Simonet heads up Backbone, one of the leading paramotor manufacturers in France. Simonet adds invaluable expertise to the team. He is a Paramotor instructor, (French CAA license), with 29 years of experience in parachuting, paragliding, microlight delta, trike, 3 axis, and glider. He speaks, English, French, Italian and Spanish.
  • Hassan Sachedina

    By Mary on 5th March 2014
    Hassan was born and raised in Kenya. He has over 15 years of conservation management and community development experience in five continents.  Hassan began his career leading a rhino conservation project in the Selous Game Reserve, in Tanzania. Prior to BCP, he was Vice President of Wildlife Works, which achieved the World’s first verified REDD projects. Hassan was also a Partner […]
  • Hennie Prinsloo

    By Mary on 4th March 2014
    Hennie was born in South Africa. Back in 1996, after 5 years as a freelance guide on safari, overland and African Rivers, he has followed his passion for rivers and wildlife in Africa, making a lifestyle from something that he really enjoys. Nowadays he finds himself in the office from time to time, when not guiding special and atypical river […]
  • Thor Kirchner

    By Mary on 3rd March 2014
    Thor will assure, with one of the game scouts, the safety of the expeditions in the Luangwa River. He was trained by some of the finest professional hunters in Zambia.He has been in the Zambian hunting industry for over 5 years. Thor is a resident Zambian and grew up in the Lower Luangwa valley and has known the area intimately since he […]
  • Timothy Leach

    By Mary on 2nd March 2014
    Tim is a windsurfer, paraglider and hang glider pilot who started paragliding in 1993 and hang gliding in 2008 in Tanzania, and has since been exploring northern Tanzania for flying sites and suitable seasons. Tim was born and raised in Tanzania and has since opened the Lake Natron Camp, the Kichanja Camp as well as hang gliding and paragliding safaris […]
  • Netta Ruthman

    By Mary on 1st March 2014
    Born in Kenya, after several years of working in Germany and the Isle of Man, Netta knew that her heart belonged in Africa and that home is best. So she decided that self-employment was the only way to share her intimate and extensive knowledge of Kenya, its people and her love for the country. She speaks English, Swahili, and German.